Security and Reliability

The cryptocurrency industry leverages sophisticated cryptography, storing public and private keys separately to preserve the security of all funds.

New Opportunities

Smart contracts, multi-signature technology, and other developments increase use cases across industries and clients.

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Investing in cryptocurrency is the best way to earn money, quickly. In 2018, the popularity of cryptocurrencies grew 100-fold against a backdrop of exponential growth supported by unbridled investor interest.


    Cryptocurrency experts are the team members who deal with the processes surrounding Altcoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin-USD market transactions. Furthermore, they look for arbitrage opportunities across exchanges.

  • ICOs

    Owing to the recent growth in the status of, and demand for, cryptocurrencies; ICO’s have become big news. In essence, they offer investors the chance to have a role in emerging blockchain projects. Investments give the purchaser access to both the enterprise and its associated technology. It’s never easy to identify the best investments, which is where GIs come in. They are the specialists when it comes to choosing whom to invest in.


    While traditional exchanges allow investors to trade on margin, the blockchain prevents this. However, there are many operators who provide alternative mechanisms for margin lending. GIs, for example, have two approaches. On the one hand, they identify those exchanges which offer a means of trading options on margin. Alternatively, they find services who pay interest on Bitcoin accounts, ensuring they only use the most reputable providers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the GI’s investment strategy?

    GIs adopt a conservative, yet outward-looking, approach; they research different ways to invest including day-trading, fixed income, margin lending, as well as looking into crypto or blockchain-related services, plus the top-rated ICO’s.

  • How do you calculate the GI share price?

    The price can change on a weekly basis, so it’s important you take note of that: the reason being we take the total number of shares outstanding at the end of each week, then divide that by net revenue to arrive at the ‘GI Share Price.’

  • Can I buy or sell GI shares as often as I want?

    Yes! The only limitation is you have to sell at the current share price. But if you go into your trading dashboard, you’ll find a transaction option there.

  • What fees are there for using your service?

    We charge a small management fee, just to keep things running. But the 10% fee is reflected in the share price as we take a portion of net weekly revenue, rather than charging clients directly.

  • If I want to buy GI shares, what do I do?

    The first step is to sign up for our service through the website. Then, you just fill out an online form which confirms your order. You can find this via the dashboard. When you want to sell shares, the process is basically the same!

  • How do I contact the Help Desk?

    We make sure a member of the GI team is always on call to answer any questions. So, you can either drop them an email at or click the ‘contact us’ button directly on our website.

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A few fords about us
Tell me more about GI

GI is a crypto-oriented fund trading in all crypto-assets and ICO’s, as well as cryptocurrencies themselves. We also trade on margin and are always on the lookout for alternative markets across the globe.

We keep our eyes on what’s coming, and our feet rooted firmly in the here-and-now: we do our best to act upon both current and future cryptocurrency potential, adapting our strategy to make the most of the markets as well as any associated crypto-assets. We appreciate the risks inherent to cryptocurrency, so we’ve developed a variety of mechanisms to support our expertly-trained team in mitigating the dangers while capitalizing on the most exciting opportunities, all-the-while preserving a sustainable investment environment for clients.
Investing in the ICO of an emerging Blockchain project is a profitable business, but nobody wants to make an unsuccessful investment. So, every investor in cryptocurrency assets should be aware of the risks. However, one can never be sure of all the dangers, given new ones appear every day. Therefore, GIs acts as a guarantor for the security of your funds.
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There are different levels of regulation depending on the geography: where some countries seek to tax and regulate cryptocurrencies, others may try to ban them outright. For the majority though, there is still little-to-no government interference. Given that fact, there are a few bits of advice you should always take heed of.

Trends: Which cryptocurrencies are attracting the most substantial volume of investors?95%
Access: Which are the most easily traded currencies, and which are difficult to access?85%
Security: Which currencies frequently suffer security breaches, and which are renowned as the most secure?90%
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  • Risk Profiles

    We diversify our investment portfolio to preserve your funds as far as possible, reducing the overall risk.

  • Invest what you want

    We don’t ask for a minimum investment: clients are free to purchase less than one Bitcoin or 5,000 Bitcoin; it makes little difference. We will offer the same support and always help you with future investments.

  • Unlimited Trades

    There are no restrictions. Buy, sell, withdraw when you want. Alter your trading strategy, or merely sit on what you have. You have full authority over how you use your account – a rarity in the investment world.

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